This Is My First Post.

There; I did it. I started this blog with the absolute resolve to change my life and chronicle the journey.

In the most efficient way possible.

ivoprofileSo that you know a little about me, my name is I.C. Jackson and I am, amidst lots of positive things, chronically inefficient in my workflow. As a result, I have lost a lot of time and money over the years. I do good work, but my process is a hot mess.  And I am also sorta kinda a little bit of a procrastinator.


But hey, I’m a creative. (Those guys are almost always all over the place and totally inefficient, bless their little hearts.)


My career is in marketing – web design, graphic design, book editing and production, ghostwriting, photography, visual art (when I have time) – the works. These days, as a matter of calling, I am transitioning into a career in financial services. To help people who need it, of course. But you can’t be some inspiration-driven, evanescent hippie and expect to be successful in the world of finance.


However, the truth is, you can’t actually do that as a creative, either…


So, I made a commitment…to commit to committing. To stop being an inefficient procrastinator. You see, my design work is very good, but I take too long to produce it. One of my oldest business partners revealed to me years later that he actually used to give me fake deadlines as a rule to ensure that we would deliver on time.


**sad face**


Besides that, I generally fall apart under the pressure of having multiple tasks to complete if my work piles up…unless it is the last possible minute and EVERYTHING is on the line. Then, real talk, I turn into a creative super-genius with the ability to leap entire projects in a single bound. Like this one time when I won an essay contest with an essay I wrote on the way to the essay contest. It’s authentic, hyper-caffeinated,  laser-focused, take-the-wheel-from-the-monkey Tim Urban-style panic-inspired production. But it works…(in a manner of speaking)



As a result, I have been “working on” becoming more efficient and getting an actual process put in place for about five years now.


When I watch The Profit with my kids (one of our favorite shows), we listen to Marcus Lemonis say over and over again that he turns businesses around by focusing on “People, Product, Process – in that order”. The people are usually great at what they do and the products are generally superior to the competition, but the processes of the producers are guaranteed to be a hot raggedy mess.


**shamefully relates all too well**


I see this stuff and I tell myself that I have to do better someday. Well, someday finally came. I realized that you can’t flirt with the idea of improving efficiency; you’ve gotta put a ring on it. Only people who are obsessed with efficiency ever consistently achieve it. My life needed an overhaul, and I finally knew what I had to do.


I had to commit to completely changing my life.


So here we are. If this sounds like you, I invite you to take this journey with me. I promise to be honest and resourceful, writing about what we both need to know and do to get this thing done. But you have to want it. BAD. You have to feel like your life depends on this change, because it actually does. You must be absolutely determined to do everything in your power to change your life EVERY SINGLE DAY OF YOUR LIFE.


Are you ready?

Let’s go…


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I.C. Jackson is a web marketing professional, and your new friend, sharing experiences and research with other friends who are determined to increase efficiency in all they do. Learn more about the author and how this blog got started here. We're gonna beat inefficiency together, guys.

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