Efficiency In Communication: Stop Using So Many Words

When I was younger I thought I wanted to be a novelist. In the pursuit of that dream I learned how to expand my thoughts into a full story. In every scene, the unspoken thoughts and emotions of the characters had to be chronicled along with their actions to develop the plot. Every sound, smell, taste, and sensation had to be described in immense detail. Before you could go to a play or watch a movie, your sensory experience of a story existed entirely in your imagination.


And achieving that takes a LOT of words.


Between my writing aspirations and being an all-around smarty pants, I became very wordy by the time I graduated high school. When focused properly, such a trait can be useful, like when you’re in digital marketing and a client gives you one lousy paragraph about their business and expects you to somehow create an entire website full of compelling ad copy.





However, in most applications, being wordy isn’t cool. In fact, it can be downright annoying. Don’t think so? That’s probably because all your friends wear smarty pants too, so your jovial band enjoys the blissful indifference of annoying everyone around you with your incessant, albeit riveting conversation.




So, on the journey to efficiency, learn to cut it short. Keep it simple, silly. Be pithy.


Expressing complex thoughts in a concise way is a skill that is absolutely worth mastering. The good folks at Grammarly provide 7 Simple and Quick Editing Tips That Will Elevate Your Writing, and they work. I’ve been using them of late and will continue refining my skills as I pen this blog.


Check out the list and leave a comment on your favorites. I use #4 every time I write anything now. I’m a repeat offender. 😛


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