Efficiency Hack: Sleeping More Than Once A Day


The sleep experts over at Dreams.co.uk have an infographic that may help change your life. It reveals four alternative sleeping cycles you didn’t know about  –


Turns out that the conventional wisdom of ‘seven to eight hours per night’ is not exactly what the doctor should have ordered.


Since I am a HUGE fan of power naps and a recovering night owl, I stumbled upon the effectiveness of a biphasic sleep cycle long ago. The problem was, I didn’t know I was right. Plus I have four kids at home (and one little angel who went back to heaven) under 12, one of whom is not even two years old yet. So you know, I don’t really know what sleep is ANYWAY.


The good news, however, is that a biphasic sleep cycle can work for most of us if we plan properly. Polyphasic sleep cycles seem to be more elusive to the working class, requiring a LOT more freedom and flexibility in one’s schedule.


However, no matter what you are empowered to do about the way you sleep, consider making it a new habit to sleep more than once per day. If you have ever had the experience of waking up early after only about five hours of sleep and then taking a good nap mid-day just to find that you got WAY more done that day than expected, there is good news – you can replicate that success on purpose, every day!


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(EXCELLENT read on the truth about sleep!)


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