PANIC: The Absolute Enemy of Productivity

PANIC: The Absolute Enemy of Productivity

One thing that all procrastinators and otherwise inefficient workers have in common is an unhealthy response to pressure. Some simply freak out, others completely shut down and veg out. If you’re like me, you have adopted a routine that involves waiting until the last possible minute to get the most important things done by letting panicked inspiration do the dirty work of driving progress.






Well, since I decided I couldn’t continue living like this, I’ve learned some things. I had to seriously consider why I respond to pressure in such unhealthy, unproductive, inefficient ways sometimes. And then my ministry experience kicked in and I got it –


People have this weird idea that trouble isn’t supposed to come their way.


You see, lots of people think that going to church and serving the Lord is trouble insurance – if I do all the right things, bad things won’t ever happen to me. Well, it works the same way in all of life, especially in a country like the United States where comfortability and stability are general expectations. We see obstacles and hardships as hardened criminals come to rob us; undesirables to be avoided at all costs.


But that’s not what trouble is at all – trouble is a constant.


Challenges, mistakes, setbacks, crises – they cannot be avoided. They are going to happen. And they are supposed to happen. The problem is, we get offended when something unexpected or difficult stands in our way, as if trouble has no right to interrupt our limited stream of energy and motivation.


i ned to talk to you


So, when you think that trouble is some boogey man that isn’t ever supposed to knock on your door, you’ll shrink in fear or go to the back of the house until he gets tired and leaves on his own. But the knocking just gets louder and louder. And it makes you feel like crap until you get up and do something about it.


Here’s the good news: You can overcome your fear of pressure as quickly as you can become consistent in remembering that pressure is natural, constant, and an opportunity. 


The pressures of difficult tasks, mistakes to clean up, and projects somewhat beyond your skills or experience are just opportunities to grow in your craft, grow your network, or even grow as a person. And if you expect it to come, trouble’s knock doesn’t intimidate you. It’s like the mailman bringing a package you were expecting anyway; those tools you ordered.


And that changes everything.


Inc. Magazine has a GREAT article, 13 Secrets To Performing Well Under Pressure, and it could be a game changer for you. The advice in this article really works.


So now, instead of running from the pressure of having to complete undesirable and difficult tasks, I have a Bloodsport moment and get my Kumate on!



Take life by the horns! Get off your keister and get it done 😉

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