Progress Report #1: The Learning Curve of Change

Progress Report #1: The Learning Curve of Change

So, this is my 10th blog post; until I achieve some level of mastery in the area of efficiency, every tenth blog post will be a progress report. Accountability is very much a part of this process, and I intend to keep my end of the bargain with you 🙂


How am I progressing on the road to efficiency? With promise. It’s been a rocky road with some distinct highs and lows, but since I made the commitment to absolutely do whatever it took to become consistently efficient in work flow, net productivity has gone up and I’m making better time on meeting my commitments. Here’s a breakdown of my successes and failures since the conception of this blog (I have to include the time it took for me to build the blog before I began posting as well):


Successes and Improvements

  • On the road to become a morning person
  • Making and beating deadlines with greater success (for work owed to others)
  • Improving my diet (more on The Efficiency Diet in an upcoming blog post)
  • Increased energy levels
  • Almost completely done with being a perfectionist
  • Improved self-image
  • Increased understanding from constant introspection and self-reflection
  • Learned a lot from efficiency research
  • Bouncing back from bad days more quickly and productively
  • Not vegging out or melting down when things go wrong
  • Met quite a few cool new people as a result of creating this blog!


Not Quite There Yet and Bumps On The Road

  • Still not a morning person
  • Need to develop more consistency in new, highly efficient behaviors
  • Experienced some sugar withdrawal that led to unexpected setbacks some days (More on The Efficiency Diet to come)
  • Not always excited about the journey anymore like when I first started this blog
  • Still kinda hate writing things like daily goals down and I can see that I won’t make it if I don’t start
  • Need to value my work as much as I do that of my clients so I can get it all done more efficiently
  • Need to learn how to balance work and play so I don’t burn out like I usually do (and did)


Keep reading and growing with me so that we can get it together, together! And if you’re on Snapchat, add me as a friend to see more of the ups and downs in real-time, documentary style!



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