Stop Being a Perfectionist and Make a Decision Already

Stop Being a Perfectionist and Make a Decision Already

You may know that your perfectionism is eating away precious time and sabotaging your productivity, but did you know it is also linked to your procrastination?


Yup; according to Psychology Today, your perfectionism and procrastination are co-conspirators in the war against progress. Psychotherapist James Ullrich writes,


While procrastination is often confused with plain laziness, sometimes it is the byproduct of perfectionism. The daunting nature of the unrealistic goal of perfection can be so intimidating that it leads to a crippling fear of beginning. This is particularly true when one’s self-esteem is closely tied into (or contingent) upon success.


Stop Being a Perfectionist and Make a Decision Already


So you know I died a little as soon as I read that, right?


Having high standards and wanting to be excellent are good traits, but obsessing over mundane details and not being willing to move forward with what is acceptable when no one asked you for anything more than that is not okay. It prevents your good work for helping establish a good name because while people may enjoy the finished product, they always have to wait so long for it. The liability outweighs the benefit over time.


And that means you lose money, power, and respect in the process. NOT okay.


Apparently, the dread associated with beginning a task or project may be your brain remembering all of the painstaking attention to detail to put into every single little thing and you get exhausted just thinking about it.


So, what can you do? Stop getting ready to get ready to get ready and start making quicker decisions. Instead of mulling over an idea or the details of a design or the best way to do something that isn’t absolutely essential, take action as soon as you have found an acceptable solution and move forward, especially if no one is asking or paying for perfection!


You are only competing against yourself; and you’re losing.

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