Introducing Everyday Efficiency on Snapchat!

If you’re going to make the pursuit of efficiency a lifestyle, you need to learn something new or be encouraged in that vein every day. It’s all too easy to lose momentum when you’re going it alone.


Learned that the hard way ย ๐Ÿ™


So, from now on I will be posting daily efficiency tips and hacks not on the blog onย Snapchat!




That’s right, each day there will be at least one new efficiency tool, tip, or technique discussed to maximize your productivity and keep you motivated!


So if you’re not using Snapchat yet, here’s a good reason to get the app and get involved!

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Here’s to your continued success on the journey to efficiency, andย subscribe to Efficiency 911 via Snapchat or email!

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I.C. Jackson is a web marketing professional, and your new friend, sharing experiences and research with other friends who are determined to increase efficiency in all they do. Learn more about the author and how this blog got started here. We're gonna beat inefficiency together, guys.

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